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Extra Numberz at Your Fingertips

Get additional mobile and landline numbers on your Smartphone immediately, with no contract!

The Numberz App has arrived and uniquely provides you with extra numbers to use as you please.

Add a number for your work activity, your personal advertising, your Whatsapp/Facebook/Twitter social media contact number...and much more...NEVER give out your real mobile number again!

Why give your real number to people you don't 'really' know or a new acquaintance. Use the Numberz App to create a new mobile or landline number as your main contact number and keep your real number private for close friends and family.

Download the Numberz App and for as little as 5p per day, with no contract, you can achieve the privacy you've been looking for.


Extra Telephone Numberz on your iPhone

You Control

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Numberz App evolved from our developments in providing 'masked' numbers for large classified media owners. Allowing advertisers to protect their real numbers when selling cars, houses or products. We have taken this technology a step further into the Numberz App, empowering you to manage your contact number and who can contact you.

The concept

Never give out your real mobile number.

Use a Numberz number for your work, extended social and private requirements.

Get a landline town/city number on your mobile.

Included in your app

Integration to your phone contact list.

Block/Unblock callers.

Voicemail on each Number. 

Separate ringtones for app Numberz

Coming soon

Numberz is constantly evolving and you will receive exciting updates for free, adding new features and services as we develop them.


The advantages of having more than one number on one smartphone

Separate Numberz for different uses

The Numberz concept is simple. We all have the need for more than one contact number - why give out your real number, when you can give out a separate number that you can control, have a separate voicemail on and easily manage the costs of.

Whether you are advertising goods on classified sites, working part-time, running a business or simply wanting privacy, the Numberz App provides the solution.

No need to be carrying around a second phone, just add extra Numberz to your smartphone.

Location based Numberz

Geographic landline Numberz provides you with a number that matches a town or city of your choice. Most larger towns/cities are covered by Numberz, and more are being added all the time. So if you are based in Manchester, but would like a London 0207 number on your smartphone - Numberz App is your answer.


Why Numberz is good for you and your life

Our team have been in the internet and telecommunications industry for many years, solving complex solutions for large companies that interact with consumers.

Our experts have provided leading technology from the inception of the internet in the early 1990's, to sophisticated speech recognition technologies now associated with products like Amazon Echo and Google Home devices.

The Numberz App provides a telephony solution for businesses and for consumers - our philosophy is that  public consumers should have the same technology available to them as any business and this is what Numberz provides.

The technology is hosted on Tier 1 telephony and internet platforms, the highest standards are provided to ensure the best service possible. As the telephony and internet worlds merge, the Numberz App is ready for you. Numberz is the only app available that integrate GSM (mobile), IP (Internet Protocol) and 4/5G (mobile data) in one solution.

Numberz gives you the control of your contact number to give a little help in controlling your life.


Numberz Pricing

Numberz are provided on a no-contract subscription bases and for calls made from the app or messages sent there is a small per minute or per message charge. There are no charges for receiving calls or messages AND people calling or messaging you can use their bundled minutes or SMS.

Mobile or Landline Numberz 


£2.99 per month


£19.99 per year

Equalivant to 10p per day on a monthly subscription or just 5.5p per day on the yearly subscription package.

Call & Message

Credit bundles:






Credit packages can be purchased through the app.

Any unused minutes/messages roll-over to the next month

Mobile Numberz


Call & Message charges:

3p per minute


3p per message

Calls and Messages received are Free, the charge here is for UK calls/messages only. International charges available.


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